The Entrepreneurial Mum: Making A Living From Home

The Entrepreneurial Mum: Making A Living From Home

Being a mum is already basically a full-time job, housework, cooking, cleaning, shopping and raising your children can be a real handful, taking up a lot of your time. Unfortunately, being a full-time mum isn’t paid and it isn’t always easy to make ends meet on just one salary, or maybe you would just like to bring in a bit of your own money.

Many stay at home mums have taken a brave step into making their own business in their limited free time. You’d be surprised how many globally recognised brands were started from a busy mother’s living room, making time as and when they could to create their business and their product. Mums like Jakki Liberman, founder of Bumkins Finer Baby Products, Maia Haag, founder or I See Me and Erin Schurtz who created Mommi, a natural daily supplement for babies. They all made great success making time when they could to develop and invest in their business ideas.

There are many ways to start up a business from home, without costing you a fortune and allowing you to commit your time as and when you can. You may already have an idea for something you are good at making or doing that you see is a niche in the market, but if you don’t here are some suggestions.

Home-made soaps are an excellent home business idea, with plenty of guides and advice online and books available to purchase with recipes and help to make soaps. After learning the basics it’s time for you to make your niche, think about what you can deliver to the market that would make your product unique. Try making new smells and aromas. Are you delivering an all-natural soap? All organic? Think about your market, will it be for babies? Children? Adults? Men or women?

Another nice way to make some money from home, while indulging a fun hobby is writing. Many women's magazines accept submissions of short stories, fictional or non-fiction, whatever you want to write, find out the word counts and rules for submission of short stories. If short writing isn’t for you why not try writing a book of your own, everyone has a little idea in the back of their head for a book.

Maybe you have a passion for something specific, healthy eating, outdoor activities, just anything you are interested in that you feel you have something to share about. Blogging is a great option to impart your knowledge and wisdom on to others, while learning more as you go and meeting likeminded individuals.

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