Here are the answers to the riddles that have been bugging you for the last few weeks. 😂

  1. 1. Beetroot Brownies
    "This one legit fried my brain 😅" @zo_bear_eats
  2. 2. Overnight Oats
    "OMG, I actually got it a lot quicker than I thought I would" @matildas_meals
  3. 3. Toad In the Hole
    "This was nothing compared to that @ sign one 😂" rain.will.make.the.flowers.gro
  4. 4. Scrambled Egg Sandwich
    "I really enjoyed this one" @littlehands_blw
  5. 5. Pumpkin Pie
    "The maths teacher in me is loving this one ❤️" @lukeledlife
  6. 6. Hidden Vegetable Bolognese
    "Well I'm pretty sure I have the answer but I have no idea how I got there 😂" @oscars_blw_adventures
  7. 7. Gravy and Chips
    "Isn't it Chips and Gravy!!! 🤔?" @whatmummymakes
  8. 8. Dim Sum
    "OMG!!! So happy I got it 👏🏼I feel like having some tonight" @aalee_mateen_eats
  9. 10. Apple Turnover
    "God that tested my brain!!" @joesfoodadventure
  10. 11. BLW
    "Only took 3 days! 🤣" @mammys_restaurant
  11. 12. Starting Solids
    "Oh, I'm loving these" @feedingharriet
  12. 13. Sheet Pancakes
    "Got it! They're are my favourite 🤤" @blw_meals
  13. 14. Finger foods
    "Yassss! Got this one rapid. 😅Shouldn't be quite so surprised" @raising.radleys
  14. 15. bamboo bamboo
    Unreleased. "Er... you better had solved this one in less than a second" bamboo_bamboo.uk
  15. 16. CMPA
  16. 17. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  17. 18. The Elephant in the room
  18. 19. Monkey See Monkey Do
  19. 20. Fantastic Mr Fox
  20. 21. Sugar Free Cookies
    "My head is going 'Oooohh sugar sugar d d do do do doooo ah honey ho ney" @babyaalish
  21. 22. Dairy Free
    "I hate that I think I'm halfway to getting this but don't exactly 😅😖" @life.with.sadie.june
  22. 23. Cucumber
    "OMG... after spending time trying to work out what number Q =, I just figured it out!!" @worldofbeets
  23. 24. 1. Thai Green Curry. 2. Massaman Curry. 3. Katsu Curry. 4. Chickpea
    "1,3 and 4 Ive got, still figuring out 2" @eating_with_eiliyah

Thank you all for playing along.