7 Facts About George Pig That Your Kid Will Love

Is your toddler crazy about the hit series Peppa Pig? Does your little one adore all the Peppa Pig characters but has a soft spot for George Pig? Then you need to brush up on your George Pig facts and learn things like how old George Pig is and what his favourite things are!

  1. Who is George Pig?

George Pig is a beloved character from the popular British animated series Peppa Pig. George Pig the youngest in the family and he adores being the centre of attention. He might be too young to speak or express himself the way Peppa Pig does, but his personality still shines through!

  1. What is George Pig like?

Everybody loves George on Peppa Pig! He’s a little shy and at times he can become disobedient. Peppa Pig looks after him and he looks up to his big sister. He can often be seen crying because he can’t speak yet, so how else is he going to get his message across?

  1. How old is George Pig?

George Pig is Peppa Pig’s younger brother. He’s a toddler and he’s 2 years old. Being one of the youngest characters on the show is probably the reason he is also particularly small in size compared to the rest of the Peppa Pig characters.

  1. What does George Pig love?

If you want to amaze your young one with your knowledge about George from Peppa Pig, you need to know about his favourite things. George Pig adores dinosaurs and everything about space. He has a green dinosaur toy which was gifted to him by Grandpa and Granny Pig and he plays with it all the time. This is most likely why one of the only words he can say is ‘Dino-saw’ and ‘Grrrrr!’. George Pig’s favourite number is 2 (because that’s how old George Pig is) and his favourite colour is blue!

  1. Who’s George Pig’s best friend?

Richard Rabbit is George Pig’s best friend. They both share a love for dinosaurs. They play together a lot but can sometimes end up crying together too!

  1. What is George Pig afraid of?

George Pig is terrified of heights just like his father Daddy Pig. Another interesting thing about him is that even though he adores dinosaurs, he is pretty afraid of them.

  1. What confuses fans about George Pig?

Something which you might have noticed about the Peppa Pig TV programme, is that name alliteration is applied pretty consistently. This basically means that the first letter of the first name and the surname are the same for a lot of the characters on Peppa Pig. Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Candy Cat just to name a few. And of course, the star of the show, Peppa Pig! George’s name on the other hand doesn’t follow this rule! Why isn’t he named Paul or Peter, for instance? Maybe it’s not a coincidence that Peppa Pig’s cousins, Chloe and Alexander, also don’t have alliterative names. But that’s a mystery for another day!

And now you know everything about this cute little piglet! George from Peppa Pig is a character that kids all over the world love. While he might get a little fussy with food and shout ‘No!’ at dinnertime, this isn’t something you have to worry about with your little one! Check out our limited edition Peppa Pig tableware collection and get your young one excited about the next meal!

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