Envelope-Shape Turkey Wraps for Kids

Envelope-Shape Turkey Wraps for Kids

These cute little envelope-shape turkey wraps will become your kid's favourite. Check the best recipe here!


2 mini plain tortilla wrap
2 cup baby spinach leaves
2 slices of roasted turkey breast
6 cherry tomatoes
2 Tbs cream cheese


● Spread the cream cheese on half of the tortilla wrap.
● Arrange the spinach leaves on the cream cheese, covering just half of the tortilla.
● Shred the turkey breast into pieces and place it on the spinach.
● Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and lay them out on the turkey.
● Fold the sides of the tortilla and wrap it around the filling.
● Fold the bottom of the envelope.
● Cut the top of the envelope into a triangle and close it.
● Serve and enjoy!