Bamboo Baby Sippy Cup


Those little ones grow up fast. One minute they’re tiny bundles of cuteness who can’t hold up their head and the next, they’re running around, climbing on furniture and explaining to you why green beans are “yucky”.

Here at bb, we want to support you every step of the way. Like when your child starts to outgrow her bottle and is ready for a grown-up cup.

This adorable bb cup shaped like a honey barrel is sure to excite your youngster!

But wait! “Straight from a bottle to a cup?” you might ask. What about a teat cup?

Well, according to experts it’s better for young children to transition directly to a straw or regular sippy cup cup and skip the teat cup altogether. When you introduce a cup, your little one starts practicing new ways to use her tongue and mouth, which aids speech development. Learning to hold a cup also refines your child’s motor skills and coordination.

The bb cup is made from all-natural bamboo like all our tableware. Bamboo is not only a safe alternative to plastic, completely free of dangerous toxins, it is also antibacterial, so it keeps dangerous germs at bay. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s good for the environment and completely biodegradable.

This bb cup can be paired with our bb spoons and double as a cute bowl for yummy yogurts or purees.

Available in 8 different colours, the bb cup will make the transition from baby bottles to cups a piece of cake.

Recommended Age: 6+ months

Dimensions: Height: 8cm | Volume: 150ml