bb Storage Rack


The two new animals that joined our gang at bb promise to help you organise your kitchen and to further support your little one’s feeding journey.

Introducing the adorable Kitty and Puppy dish racks!

These stainless-steel dish racks are the perfect addition to your family’s bb tableware collection and a lovely decorative accessory for your kitchen countertops.

We listened to your requests for a cute storage rack that will keep all your bb animal plates in one place and let you showcase your favourite eco-friendly bamboo tableware at the same time.

Kitty and Puppy dish racks don’t just make for nice pictures; (although we’re sure you’ll get plenty of likes if you post them online!) They also make your life easier. Preparing dinner can get chaotic enough on its own, especially if you are frantically rummaging through your cupboards to find where your toddler’s favourite animal is hiding. Now you can have them all within arm’s reach.

These also come in handy when you want to get your toddler more involved in mealtime preparation since your young one can easily choose which animal they want to invite over at dinnertime. This increases children’s autonomy and confidence, making them feel more in control of their mealtime and improves their decision-making skills! It’s a win-win for everybody.

Fortunately, Puppy and Kitty are friends so if you can’t choose which one you like more, you can just get both. Use the second one to display those cookbooks you have lying in a pile next to the microwave or as a storage rack for your regular tableware.

Puppy Dimensions: L: 23.5cm x W: 18cm x D: 14.5 cm

Kitty Dimensions: L: 24.5cm x W: 15cm x D: 15.5 cm