bb Tiny | Wean and Play Edition


If you have ever attended your little one’s tea party or pretended to savour a messy, make-believe mud pie, you know that kids love using their imagination to recreate everyday scenarios.   

Children take their playtime seriously – and here at bb, we do too. We know that encouraging young children to use their imagination isn’t just a fun pastime for them – it’s also a vital part of their weaning development.

That’s why we created the bb tiny collection. If you think your child can’t get enough of their favourite bb animal plate, then wait till they see these!

This collection consists of exact mini replicas of their favourite bb animal plates. Your toddler will use them in their mealtime snack plates or playtime sessions when they pretend they’re mommy and daddy cooking in the kitchen or when they organise their elaborate make-believe dinner parties for their stuffed animals and toys. If you’re lucky, you might even get invited!

Specially crafted for your young one’s cute tiny fingers, these replicas are ideal for developing their fine motor skills. Engaging in creative role-play also promotes the learning of life skills, like learning how to take care of others or how to set the table. It’s also a great way to cultivate their problem-solving skills and can even encourage them to make healthier food choices.

These non suction replicas are available in packs of three – so you can choose the animals your toddler is most fond of.

Pack 1:

 Unicorn H: 11.5cm | W: 10cm
Cloud H: 7.5cm | W: 13.7cm
Dinosaur H: 9.5cm | W: 11cm

Pack 2:

H: 11cm | W: 13cm
Bunny H: 14.5cm | W: 12cm
H: 9cm | W: 12cm


Pack 3:

H: 11.5cm | W: 12cm
H: 11cm | W: 13cm
H: 9.3cm | W: 11.5cm


Pack 4:

H: 10cm | W: 12cm
H: 11cm | W: 10cm
H: 10.5cm | W: 10cm



Warning: These toys might result in cuteness overload!